Welcome, our dear coffee lovers! Start your day with a smile! We present you “Kraljica” (trans. note. Queen) and “Car” (trans. note. Tzar) – coffee of us all. We find coffee to be not only a beverage, but a special ritual. Taste and quality are crucial factors for the culture of coffee. We are enthusiasts who appreciate high quality of the warm beverage! We pay special attention to coffee and all the beverages it brings a unique touch to. We put our heart into this matter, and not only will you find information regarding partnership and our products on this page, but so much more about the culture of coffee drinking. Enjoy!

Kraljica coffee 100g

Try Kraljica coffee and bring the rhythm of samba and taste of Brazil in each cup!

Kraljica Premium

Made of carefully selected beans from Columbia, Guatemala, Santos and India without any premises.

Kraljica coffee 200g

Twice as much coffee for twice as much pleasure. Start your day with a smile choosing the right company!

Kraljica 3 in 1

New ALLCAFE flavor for your morning with smile – Kraljica 3 in 1 instant coffee with sugar.

Car coffee 100g

Heavily roasted coffee beans for the lovers of full taste. The right way to start a busy day.

Kraljica 2 in 1

New ALLCAFE flavur in 10 g package – for black coffee and beautiful moments.

Car coffee 200g

For all coffee lovers who need extra energy Car 200 g is an excellent choice.

We are already in your neighborhood!

It’s almost impossible to imagine a day or friendly chat without coffee. For the morning with a smile we recommend Kraljica or Car coffee. Thanks to its great quality Kraljica built trust with many coffee lovers in just a few years, not only on the territory of Čačak, but the whole Western and Central Serbia. Experience, knowledge, special love for coffee, enormous energy and devotion of all team members resulted in the aroma enjoyed by the whole Serbia.

  • Supermarkets and big stores 80%
  • Medium stores and chains 92%
  • Small stores 95%