Kafa Kraljica


Kraljica – the rhythm of samba and taste of Brazil in every cup.

Kraljica, the queen of taste, will seduce you with its intoxicating aroma of Brazil and shake you up with the energy of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Kraljica consists of a sophisticated mixture of Arabica, love, and devotion. It’s perfect for consummation after a hard day at work or at the neighbor’s served with the latest “news”. It’ll astonish you with its sophisticated taste, while at the same time it’ll leave you with enough energy to endure to the end of the day. Kraljica is a perfect mixture of coffee that may be consumed several times a day, and each time you try it, you will be amazed by its taste and aroma. Kraljica is made of raw coffee of controlled origin and moderate roasting gives it its full flavor and expressive aroma that makes Kraljica recognizable as coffee that gives you power!